Research Domains

Research Domains



Based on the brilliant international achievements that the Qazvin Branch of Islamic Azad University (QIAU) has gained over the past couple of decades in the World RoboCup Competitions, IAU-UAE Branch has inked a memorandum of cooperation with QIAU in launching joint research programs in the field as well as contributing academically to the RoboCup teams present in the robotic events such as IranOpen, which is a place at QIAU for teams willing to take part in the RoboCup World Competitions in order to show their qualities and standards.domain1

Qazvin Islamic Azad University was founded in 1992 and currently has about 30 thousand students in 81 programs at Associate, Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. QIAU follows an industry-oriented mission of which education, research, and training are the main components.


Cloud Computing and Data Mining:

Considering the numerous international conferences held at IAU-UAE Branch on the themes of Cloud Computing and Data Mining as well as the reliable knowledge management gained upon successfully organizing these events, our university has placed high on its research agenda these two domains.



Sustainable Development and Environment Management:

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs seems to be a big must for taking care of the environment we all share. Such a necessity coupled with the many acclaimed faculty members of our university specialized in this field has made sustainable development and environment resources management an integrated component of the dissertations and research projects at IAU-UAE Branch.

To strengthen our research potentials in this filed, IAU-UAE Branch has also entered into a cooperation scheme with the Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University in Tehran to further launch shared research projects at a more in-depth level.

The Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University in Tehran   (SRBIAU T) was founded in 1984 and area-wise is one of the largest campuses in the world. It is now home to 16 faculties and four research centers offering 334 disciplines at graduate and doctorate levels with a total of over 30,000 students. The academic staff includes 800 highly qualified full-time and part-time faculty members as well as visiting professors from amongst the notable personalities in the realm of science and research.

SRBIAU campus in Tehran is built over tens of hectares of land on the hills overlooking the northern parts of the capital. The campus is expanding rapidly and presently is home to the administration offices, the faculties, research centers, libraries and laboratories, a five-star hotel, an impressive and well equipped sport center as well as a mosque.