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Research/ In Focus

The Research Department has made determined strides in materializing the vision of the IAU-UAE Branch in promoting quality research and supporting faculty and student research projects, groups, publications, patents and more. To further motivate the accomplishment of quality, applied research, the faculty and the students who manage to present a defendable research proposal would enjoy a handsome grant from the university side.

Being equipped with a high-tech conference hall tailored to the presentation needs, the DIAC campus of IAU-UAE Branch is an academically-excellent choice for holding memorable conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops and the like. Ample spacious rooms alongside the conference hall serve best to hold parallel sessions when a conference or a congress is in progress. In the past few years, the Research Department has co-hosted dozens of International Conferences in the fields of computer engineering, psychology, architecture, and bio-medical engineering.

In addition, scores of distinguished national and international speakers have been invited by the Research Department to deliver a lecture on variegated themes and topics ranging from literature and philosophy to statistics and banking. Apart from the academicians, such lectures have successfully garnered the support and participation of the Iranian expatriate community residing in the UAE as well.

Several thematic workshops have also been organized so far in form of the on-the-job training crash courses on themes such as Workplace Ethics, Journalism, Translation Techniques, and the like.